Partners programme

Shared expertise


In order to best meet the expectations of companies, it is important to know them well. For this reason, we have set up a partner programme enabling companies that are already established with an end customer to benefit from their expertise while combining it with high-performance technological solutions

Your advantages
as an emilee partner

  • Accompany clients faster, further and more deeply in their transformation projects-strengthen their positionning vis-à-vis the competition, objectify the validity of their proposals and bring out new needs.
  • Use technology to mobilise all their human capital, optimise the cost of services (CBC)
  • Respond more quickly to calls for tender and gain an unprecented competitive advantage while proving their ability to get their clients to do the same.
  • Limit the use of costly external skills when they certainly have them in-house

Our partners

Our partners believe in the right tools and methodologies to solve their clients’ coming next challenges. What use to be efficient can no longer make a difference. When companies are struggling with time, budget, and efficiency, you can now offer new shortcuts and new pathways to sustainable business.

You want to meet with us to start a partnership?

Be part of the change. Develop strong and long term competitive advantages. As a Partner, you also get access to Emilee solutions at special conditions. Let’s talk!  

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